Brno Collective

What is the mastermind?

An empowering peer-to-peer group of women creatives.

What is the purpose of the mastermind?

Create a supportive network of artists who dream big, plan for success, reach their goals, face their challenges, and scale their art businesses.

How does it work?

We start wherever you are and support you in taking consistent steps toward building your creative career. Therefore, it isn’t important where you are along your artist path. Rather, your willingness to engage openly and respectfully is critical. All members work together in this intimate space to solve problems with input and advice from peers.

What can you expect from the facilitator, Valentine?

My goal is always to ensure a safe and supportive community where every voice is heard. I have over 15 years international teaching experience which supports me in naturally guiding an unearthing of clarity and focus. I love helping others identify and build their unique path.

Practical information?

2 monthly 90-minute meetings, including plenty of scaffolds along the way ensuring a guided yet highly individualized structure. Ongoing group discussions through chats, video, google drive, and more. In person meetings, but as life happens online is always an option. 39 EUR monthly membership, cancel anytime.


Accountability, supportive community, structure, collaboration, and much more! Join our dynamic local community full of inspiring, dedicated creatives in Brno, CZ! Sign up now via the link below or contact me for more information.