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Society expects us to be in full control and in top performance every minute of the day. Whether it be our families, jobs, university or outward appearance, we are expected to cover up with a little mascara, put on a smile, and push through whatever has been rolling through our heads since we stumbled from our beds. We attempt to outwardly neutralize our unfavorable emotions and highlight our more pleasant ones. We read others' body language, anticipate their actions, and adapt to them. We book our schedules as much as possible and attempt to do some self-care in between so that we do not lose total control. We balance social circles, and a few close friendships, where we try to be our authentic selves, but still often feel the need to hide that one thing, as if speaking it out loud will make us seem less put together.

Following the pandemic especially, or in anyone’s attempt to get back in touch with themselves and more fully reach self-actualization, many people have turned to art. We are able to use art, releasing control, especially in a moment of flow state, becoming more in touch with ourselves. In turn, we collectively connect to women through a larger symbolic (and often physical) network. The little parts that make us feel vulnerable, the parts that make up our individuality, are also the ones that connect us through art. Despite external pressure to remain in control, art allows us to get past the idea of perfectionism and our natural impulses.

In this artist’s diary, we share the reality of women’s control, complex emotions, authenticity, and how we use art to navigate these struggles. We show that despite our individuality, we are connected to each other through our unique works of art. We are connected through our everyday realities as women, caretakers, and mothers. Art enables us to use our minds’ fullest potential while not sacrificing parts of ourselves or our material wellbeing. We invite you to explore the different parts of ourselves that connect us, especially through art, creation, feminine energy, and womanhood. Read our stories, take in our works of art, and share your personal reflection in this special edition ebook.

In this book, you'll also find a special invitation to share your story. Let it be yours alone or share it with us for a chance to see it included in an upcoming exhibition.


  • Kristi Lescinski

  • Valentine Svihalek

  • Klara Siska

  • Laura Hanganu

  • Katerina Strupkova

  • Hana Nemeckova

  • Martina Petrovicova

  • Irena Babilonova

  • Mona Lerch

We look forward to connecting with you!

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Valentine & The Art Mums Europe Team